One Platform for Teachers, Students and School Administrators

iTutor’s Virtual School is compliant to FERPA mandates through a secure online learning platform designed specifically for K-12. Districts can equip their teachers with a single, equitable learning platform to conduct a blend of synchronous and asynchronous online classes, share assignments, monitor student attendance, differentiate instruction, conduct formative assessments, and more.

Live Classes

Connecting students and teachers through synchronous instruction on a secured platform


Administrators, teachers and students have access to their personalized dashboards where they can access resources, reports and class schedules


The virtual school allows administrators, teachers, students, and parents to form a school community where instruction, equity, and social emotional needs are delivered.


Our audio- and video-enabled virtual classroom grants every student across the performance spectrum the opportunity for equitable access to instruction and the teacher.


A Collaborative Learning Environment Designed for K-12 Education

Secure Customized Portal

Our online portal is secure, and built for the customization of branding for each school district to blend seamlessly with your existing online presence which is easily recognizable for students, teachers and parents.

Interactive Learning Platform

Virtual School is a turn-key technology solution supporting continuity of education seamlessly for students and teachers, while providing schools the capability to manage a secure learning environment beyond school walls.

Fully Integrated Virtual School

Teachers have access to a cutting-edge, highly functional Virtual Classroom equipped with robust digital tools built within an interactive Virtual Whiteboard that supports pre-planning and live lessons where they can share curriculum and resources through existing platforms they’re already comfortable with, like Google Drive.

From Chalkbased To Cloudbased

Our Virtual School offering is a turn-key, cloud-based solution managed entirely by your school.

Unique Features Built Specifically for Schools

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Transitioning to a virtual learning environment is easy with iTutor


Seamless Implementation

Administrator and Teacher Support

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